Signal Radio Jingle Package - 1989 

90's Power Station
Afternoon's Are Fun
Afternoon's Are Fun - Lee Finan
Best Music On The Air - Signal Cheshire
Best Music On The Air - Signal Radio
Brighten Up Your Morning
Bumper To Bumper
Cheshire's Music Station - Good Morning
Doug Wood - Signal Music
Excitement In The Air
Good Morning  Signal Radio
Good Morning World
Good Morning World (Doughnut)
Great Music Station
Instr Bed (Bumper to Bumper)
Instr Bed - Cheshire 96.4
Instr Bed - Signal Radio
John Evington - Signal Cheshire
Kevin Ferneyhough In The Morning
Lee Finan - Signal Radio
Number One Station - Power
Number One Station - Signal Cheshire
Number One Station - Signal Radio
Part Of Britain - Cheshire
Signal Cheshire (Funky)
Signal FM 96.4 Cheshire
Signal Radio (Funky)
Signal Radio News
Signal Radio (Woosh)
Signal With You Everywhere
With You Every Day Of Your Life
© Century 21 1989