Signal Radio Jingle Package - 1985

All Your Favourite Music, 24 Hours A Day (Slow)
All Your Favourite Rock Music
All Your Favourites, Signal 24 Hours A Day
All Your Favourites, Signal Setting The Pace
Instrumental (Sax)
Setting The Pace At The Weekend
Setting The Pace In The Evening
Setting The Pace (Full Song)
Setting The Pace - Digby Taylor
Signal 24 Hours A Day (Acc)
Signal Playing All Your Favourites (Acc)
Signal  Playing All Your Favourites  (Song Slow)
Signal Remembers (Fast)
Signal Remembers (Slow)
Signal Traffic
We're making It Happen, All Through The Evening
We're Playing All Your Favourites (Slow)
We're Playing Your Favourites, All Through The Afternoon
We're With You In The Summertime
© Alfasound Productions 1985