Signal Radio Jingles

I spent quite a lot of time working at Signal Radio from 1983-1992, and have many happy memories. I am dedicating part of my website to jingles from Signal, and its associated stations, since 1983. Please click on the links below to hear jingles from the various years. 

Festival Radio 295 -1986 The UK's First Official RSL Station
KFM - Stockport Their 1990 Package by Alfasound
Signal Radio - 1983 Their Very First Jingle Package by Alfasound
Signal Radio - 1985 The 'Setting The Pace' Package by Alfasound
Signal Radio - 1987 Produced by Phoenix, a Local Production Company
Signal Radio - 1989 This 1989 Package was produced by Century 21
Signal 1 - 1995 Jingles from the 1995 Package from Alfasound
Signal 1 - 2003 Best Variety of Hits (132Kb)
Signal 2 & Signal Gold Jingles from Alfasound's Packages: 1995 & 1997

Many thanks to John Evington for providing the various Signal logos.

If you want to hear what John sounded like during the test transmissions in 1983, click here

Paul Fairclough celebrates 30 Years of Signal Radio with lots of pictures taken over the years.